photo by Tsvetomir Tsenkov

Workers of the world, unite in Sozopol!

On this page you can find links to all presentations made by the international student teams during Sozopol Summer School

"Heritage as Imagination, as Resource, as Conflict"
 (Sozopol, 19-30 June, 2012)

The presentations are result of 10 days of field work, combined with lectures, pancakes and sea.

We wanted to explore the cultural heritage of Sozopol not as some fossilized past, but as a juxtaposition of representations, interests and politics.

The student presentations address topics such as: the commercialization of the socialist past, the transformations of Greek identity, the night labor of season workers, the distinctions between private and public and the ways youth subcultures and the town's authenticity are used as touristic attractions. Special attention is paid also to the architecture of the city and its inner divisions, including the new VIP villages, products of major Bulgarian and foreign Investments. The title of of the Greek team's presentation pinpoints the most relevant question of the school: "Whose is this town?"

"Movements of Sozopol": Hannah O'Mahoney and Rumi Iotova's great short video from Sozopol Summer School in Urban Anthropology, 2012

PowerPoint Presentations: