During Sozopol Summer School 2012 we wanted to analyse the different uses and abuses of heritage

P1430370    stroiteli

photo by Tsvetomir Tsenkov                                                                                                                                    photo by Tsvetomir Tsenkov

So we went to museums: 

sarah_and_esther_Sozopol_pic_by_Hannah   museum_esther_photos

photo by Hannah O'Mahoney                                                                                                                          photo by Esther Muddiman                

Then we went to classes:


                                                    photo by Ioanna Ninova

We asked people to tell us about Sozopol:

    100_6476        sozopol_work2_sarah

photo by Tsvetelina Hristova                                                           photo by Sarah Witcombe-Hayes

We studied and studied:

 P1430272     P1430278

photos by Tsvetomir Tsenkov

We worked day and night (the most important questions being discussed during sunrise):

nightlab_cezar      sunrise_Slavka  

photo by Iulius-Cezar Macarie                                                                      photo by Slavka Karakusheva

Until we became like vampires:


                                                                           photo by Esther Muddiman

Luckily we had a pool, Aloha Bar and Villa 4 to save us from academic despair:

pool_esther  djagi_Esther_photos

photos by Esther Muddiman

 villa4_Ioanna      sirtaki_ioanna

photos by Ioanna Ninova

And pancakes with fig jam!


photo by Iulius-Cezar Macarie

Time collapsed :


But the people did not!


photo by Hannah O'Mahoney      

We tried to escape from field work going to a lonely island:

boat_trip2_ioanna   lonely_island_tsetso

photos by Tsvetomir Tsenkov

But the boat man refused to leave us there so we had to go back and make our final presentations:

presentation2_ioanna  prezentations_sarah

photos by Ioanna Ninova

That's us before the last night:


photo by Hannah O'Mahoney                         

And that's us after the last night:


photo by Daniela Koleva          

And that's the key which we can't use anymore:


                                                                                   photo by Ioanna Ninova