Director Maria Averina will present her two latest films:

WHO’S that city?

Documentary, 26 min., 2012

Written by Alexander Manuiloff

Director of Photography Martin Chichov  

Edited by Zornitsa Blyangova  

Music by Filip S. Filipov

Directed by Maria Averina

Produced by Martichka Bozhilova, AGITPROP (Bulgaria)

With the support of Sofia Municipality and National Culture Fund – Bulgaria

More than 45 shooting days. More than 30 hours of film footage. More than 5 000 ”close-ups” to the town. One hundred interviews with citizens and guests of the capital. Thirty-six months preliminary research by the scriptwriter.

All this collected in less than 30 minutes.

This is the biggest cinematic document, dedicated entirely to Sofia and its people, anyone has ever made during the last 7000 years since the town exists.


Documentary, 29 min., 2010

Written and directed by Maria Averina

Director of Photography Ivaylo Donchev

Edited by A Bros Production

Music by Filip S. Filipov

Produced by Martichka Bozhilova, AGITPROP (Bulgaria)

With the support of Sofia Municipality

With the support of the National Culture Fund – Bulgaria

Bulgarian Film Academy 2010 Award for Directorial Debut

Nomination Jameson Short Film Award – Sofia IFF 2010

Late Home is a film about two women who live in a home for elderly people and who, against all circumstances of hardship and loneliness, have kept in their souls the good spirit and strive for life. One of the first shopping malls in Sofia could be seen through the windows of the Home, which is situated in the former elite quarter from socialist times Zone B-5. In the dynamic and lustrous space of the mall hardly anyone seems to care that only few steps away some people are living the winters of their lives.