This section is to provide practical and useful information in order to facilitate your stay during the Summer School. 


The students arriving in Sofia on June 18th will be accommodated in Art Hostel (21A, Angel Kanchev str.) The hostel is located in the centre of the city, accommodation is reseved upon the names of the participants and is paid for by the Summer School.


-           If you arrive at the Sofia airport, you can take bus number 84 which will drive you directly to the city centre in approximately 20 mins (depending on the traffic). The airport has got two terminals, bus No 84 goes through both of them. Sofia University (the main building) is its last stop.

-           If you arrive at the central bus station or the central railway station, you are on a 20-30 minutes walking distance from the city centre.

For more details about the route network of public transportation in Sofia, please see the website of the Urban Mobility Centre.

How to buy tickets for the public transportation?

There are several types of tickets and cards. The price for the single trip ticket is 1 BGN (app. equal to 0.50 EUR). There are also 5-trips tickets on the price of 4.50 BGN (app. 2.25 EUR) and 10-trip tickets for which you have to pay 8 BGN (app. 4 EUR). For more information please see here.

There are also daily cards on the price of 4 BGN (app. 2 EUR) which give you the right to travel during the day in all the different types of public transportation.

Please note that you need to buy tickets or travelling card in advance. On most of the stations there are small kiosks where tickets and cards for the public transportation are being sold. If you are not able to find such a kiosk, the bus driver is supposed to have tickets for selling too. A new on-board ticket vending machine system is being implemented so in some vehicles you may see grey machines from which you can also buy your ticket.

Once you enter the vehicle you have to perforate your ticket in the small perforators inside. A ticket which is not perforated in the particular vehicle is not considered for a valid one.

Please be aware that you may be asked by the controlling authorities to show your ticket/card. If it is not a valid one, you will be asked to pay a penalty fee on the amount of 20 BGN (10 EUR), for which you will receive a ticket to continue your trip in the particular bus.

It is important to know that due to underground construction, some parts of the central part of the town are closed for public transportation and people move by walking.

Travelling by taxi

The taxi cars are a comfortable way for travelling around the city and they are not very expensive. The price from the airport to the centre should be around 10 BGN (5 EUR).

All the taxi cars have got a price list on the window so you can see the price before you get in. The average price per kilometer is around 0.60 BGN during the days and 0.70 BGN/km. – during the night. 


All participants in the summer school will stay in Hotel Vip Zone Sozpol. The hotel is located in the heart of Sozopol, between the old and the new town, accommodation is reseved upon the names of the participants and is paid for by the Summer School.


- If you arrive at Burgas airport, you can take bus number 15 to its last stop at Burgas Bus Station South. There are buses from there to Sozpol every 30 minutes from 6 am to 7:30 pm. The cost of the bus from Burgas to Sozopol is 4 BGN (approximately 2 EUR). You can find more information about Burgas on this web site:


The official currency in the state is Bulgarian lev (BGN). 1BGN is equal approximately to 1.96 EUR. You can buy it from the banks (working Mon-Fri) or from the change offices (working all days).